Nerf Apocalypse 2021 in NJ

Join UNO (United Nerf Ops) for Apocalypse 2021, the largest nerf war
in the Northeast!

We will be playing Carpe, Domination, Harambe, Flag Push, King of the
Hill, and more!

Pre-registration price is $15 per person.

Cousin’s has 3 amazing fields (what we’ve dubbed the
trenches, village, and castle) all entirely at our disposal.

There is a 300 FPS cap for most games. There will be some rounds with
lower FPS caps and special classes that will be explained on-site.

The first game will start at 10 am and admin will be on the field by 9
am to set up.

Our current covid guidelines require players to have masks on at all
times (including the staging area and during games.) if you need to
take your mask off, socially distance yourself from everyone by 6 feet
before doing so.

For those of you who frequent our Cata games, Apoc will be run in much
the same way except it will have significantly more attendees since it
is a once-a-year event. Game types will more likely have multiple
objectives as opposed to one.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Register here:

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Aug 07 2021


10:00 am - 6:00 pm




Cousins Paintball New Jersey
750 Rt 539 Manchester, NJ


United Nerf Ops

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